Why i work with teens

I am thrilled to be the newest team member at Karen Goslin, MSW RSW & Associates! I signed on for this because I wanted to be part of making a REAL difference in people’s lives. I wanted to be part of something bigger, where therapy meant something, where it wasn’t just about listening, it was so much more! Accountable therapy towards obvious, sustainable change!

I graduated with my Masters in 2022. I had already 7 years of working with young people under my belt. I wanted more…I knew that teenagers and young adults experienced a lot of confusing emotions, especially if there were complications in their lives and that could lead to all kinds of academic, social, emotional, and mental obstacles and most of all had the potential of sabotaging” the launch”. Do you know that at one time we thought that the ’20s was the “throw-away decade”? – NO house, NO marriage, NO children, …boy was that outdated! NOW we know the ’20s is the MOST important decade. Why? It’s where we develop our education, our career, our relationships, and our finances and that set us up (or not) for the REST of our lives. Having the right support and strategies is everything! and that’s what our work is all about.

My passion for Social Work, and in particular working with this population, comes from my own personal experiences. I grew up with a sibling, who really struggled to find his place and identity during that phase in his life, where he was most vulnerable and didn’t get the support that he needed at that time. That led me to want to do better for other teenagers and young adults during these phases in their lives and help them feel “seen and heard” so they could unlock the blocks in their lives. I remember always feeling like the “therapist” at home, and always hearing from family and friends that I was such a good listener; that I was the one person they wanted to talk to, to feel better or relieved. I remember my mom constantly saying to me, “every time I talk to you, I feel so much better”. That was when I realized, I wanted to do more, and be more.

…I want to be able to provide that listening ear and help individuals develop strategies to better their personal growth and lives. …I want to open up my compassion towards others because that truly makes me feel happy.

…I believe that children, teenagers, and young adults want to be seen and heard for who they are, so they can reach their full potential

.… They want to be able to trust us, so they can trust themselves

.…They want us to engage with them in their experiences, be open to learning from them, and understand what they need from us, rather than what we wanted from them.

…They need real tools, real strategies, and real recovery in order to heal, resolve and execute!

So I’m launching! I’m taking my desire for more and recreating that with the youth I work with, every day,… being part of accountable therapy to make a difference!

Janice D’Souza, MSW, RSW, Associate Therapist, Individual Therapy Specialist, Teens, and Young Adult



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