I understand that considering therapy is a deeply personal decision. Often times, I see people who have been struggling for weeks, months, sometimes years. Humans have become good ( too good) at pushing down, “filing” away and forging onwards. In my experience, what usually happens is that problems only get bigger, and the suffering greater. Clients often say to me, once our work together takes hold, that they only wished they had come to see me sooner. We come to therapy when we are ready and I respect that. After years of education, supervision and experience, I have developed what I know has become an extremely successful program that specifically targets self-care management, changes how we think under stress, builds emotional regulation, and repairs wounds that sabotage us and strengthens our healthy self, all towards maximizing our full potential in life.

For Individuals

I have knowledge and experience to help people suffering with depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, grief, chronic illness and pain, relationship problems, divorce/separation, blended family issues, school attendance, parenting and behavioural problems.

At the end of your first session, I will provide  you with a clinical formulation and therapy recommendations that will inform you as to why and how you are in your circumstance and  experiencing your symptoms, and what you would benefit from to begin making the changes that will positively impact you, your relationships, and your future.

The program I offer will support you taking optimal care of yourself on a daily basis, guide you in tackling those parts of your life that are causing you suffering with more control and satisfaction through a specific cognitive restructuring  program (CBT) that I have developed,  consider dialectical behavioural components to build resilience and emotional regulation (DBT), repair the deeper wounds that are feeding into those present situations that are overwhelming you or are hurting you in some way while empowering your healthy self.

For Couples

I see couples suffering in a variety of issues from communication, conflict resolution, intimacy and  parenting to  their sexual relationship and blended family issues.

At the end of the first session, I will offer you a clinical formulation that informs you how well you are matched, why it is that the struggles and unnecessary hurting is occurring in your relationship, and what you would benefit from to improve the relationship.

I offer a combined program for couples that is very unique and I know is very helpful. We initially look at the individual stress management of  each partner that is likely contributing  to the relationship struggles (my unique CBT program).We build individual strategies that are directly supported by the partner to ensure that each are doing what they need to take care of themselves AND be part of a healthier relationship.

We then look at deeper dynamics that are at play and heal our own and our partner’s wounds that directly improve how we position ourselves in the relationship and how our partner shows up to us. This not only makes us feel much better about ourselves, but makes the connection between us and our partner extremely deep and loving.

For Families

Families attend for assessment and treatment for a range of issues including conflict, divorce,  grief, parenting, addiction, and trauma. All family members involved in the problem area are encouraged to attend the assessment process. Often these assessments involve 3-4 sessions upon which you will receive a clinical formulation that will serve to explain how and why the struggles are occurring and what the family would benefit from including recommendations for individual, couple, parenting and family sessions. Treatment plans support individuals  having strategies they need to communicate effectively with family members, heal from any relevant past hurts, and build healthy relationships to ensure the family can move forward in a positive and healthy way. The therapy phase can include individual and family group sessions in a variety of combinations to meet the family’s unique needs. Family art therapy is available for families with young children. Therapy is offered in-person, video and telephone formats.

For Children and Teens

I have specialized experience in helping children and teens struggling in a variety of areas including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, addiction, school attendance problems, attachment issues, anger management, trauma, grief, and parental separation/divorce.

If your child is twelve years of age and under, I will see one or both parents in the first session to discuss your concerns and obtain a full history of the child and family. This session is followed by two individual sessions for the child that will include therapeutic conversation, metaphoric play and brief art therapy assessment tools. A parent feedback session is scheduled to discuss the clinical formulation which will highlight for you an explanation of your child’s issues and what they would benefit from.

If follow-up treatment is recommended, a gentle but effective non-pathological narrative, externalization and cognitive behavioural approach is provided so ensure the child is empowered to develop specific strategies to overcome their struggles.

Parents attend the first and last  5-10 minutes of each session to provide updates and to review session materials of what to practice or follow up with at home to support the work.

Teenagers can attend on their own or with their family depending on need and preference.

Family sessions are encouraged when the clinical picture supports this intervention especially if the teen is living at home, to ensure support of their progress is available to them, and any safety concerns are addressed.


For Addiction

Addiction counselling is provided to individuals struggling with alcohol, drug, gambling, sex, and/or internet addiction.

At your assessment session, you will be given a recommendation of what you would benefit from to reach abstinence or healthy moderate consumption goals. Relapse prevention planning is addressed in treatment to ensure these goals are met through complete awareness- building of your cycle of addiction and strategies are developed that you can rely on to safely move on with your life without being held back by your addiction.

Further individual, couple or family therapy may also be recommended to ensure any helpful deeper healing or any specific relationship stress is addressed which would not only support the addiction goals but improve your overall life.