It is natural to feel some ambivalence or even resistance to beginning therapy. Speaking out loud about our pain, our shame, our regrets, the problems, makes them “real”. Once these are spoken, it’s hard to turn back. The bad news is that we are in a new position to acknowledge the pain and reality, and that can be hard. The good news is that now we are in a new position to do something different. My job is to make sure that we pace the work in a completely non-judgemental space to give you the control and freedom you need to ensure you reach your goals effectively and that the progress is sustainable for your future.

So, are you ready? I encourage you to ask yourself…

1. What are the real negative consequences I am experiencing because of the problems I am having?

2. How are these problems holding me back in my life?

3. How serious are the patterns I keep repeating in my life?

4. Where do I think I could get if the issues are resolved?

5. What are the ultimate costs to me, to my career, to my family, to my relationships, if I don’t deal with the problems?



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