I want your therapy to be the best gift you give yourself! We often become too good at pushing down and pushing on, in efforts to get by, but with that comes, increasingly more frequent and more serious signals that there are problems. (Sometimes our own efforts or our own support networks are simply not enough)….Those who are strong and brave, pay attention to those signs and come to my door.

I want your therapy to give you a safe space to be vulnerable, to be honest, to figure out why and how you got to where you did, and ultimately figure out what to do about it. There are real reasons to explain your symptoms, your challenges, your conflicts, and why you are sabotaging or underperforming in your life; at school, at work, with friends, with family, with your partner and there are real steps to take towards change.

My job is to facilitate a process for you that is personal and effective towards healing from the past pain, building here-and-now strategies to reduce reactions that are working against you, and ensuring you have the tools towards reaching the goals that are important to you. I work with your strengths and resilience to not only recover but also give you reliable techniques to begin using now.



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