I see couples suffering in a variety of issues from communication, conflict resolution, intimacy and parenting to their sexual relationship and blended family issues.

At the end of your Initial Assessment, I will offer you a clinical formulation that informs you how well you are matched, why it is that the struggles and unnecessary hurting are occurring in your relationship, and what you would benefit from to improve the relationship.

I offer a combined program for couples that is unique and I know is very helpful. We initially look at the individual stress management of each partner that is likely contributing to the relationship struggles (your personalized CBT programs). We build individual strategies that are directly supported by the partners to ensure that each is doing what they need to take care of themselves AND be part of a healthier relationship.

We then look at deeper dynamics that are at play and heal our own and our partner’s wounds that directly improve how we position ourselves in the relationship and how our partner shows up to us. This not only makes us feel much better about ourselves but deepens and strengthens the connection between us and our partner.

Here is a recent radio show I did about the emotions of divorce.

Here are some key questions and steps to take if you are considering a separation or divorce.