I have specialized experience in helping children & teens struggling in a variety of areas

Areas of specialization with children & teens



Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Eating Disorders

School Attendance Problems

Attachment Issues

Anger Management



Parental Separation/Divorce

About children & teen therapy

If your child is twelve years of age and under, I will see one or both parents in the first session to discuss your concerns and obtain a full history of the child and family. This session is followed by two individual sessions for the child that will include therapeutic conversation, metaphoric play and brief art therapy assessment tools. A parent feedback session is scheduled to discuss the clinical formulation which will highlight for you an explanation of your child’s issues and what they would benefit from.

If follow-up treatment is recommended, a gentle but effective non-pathological narrative, externalization and cognitive behavioural approach are provided so ensure the child is empowered to develop specific strategies to overcome their struggles.

Parents attend the first and last 5-10 minutes of each session to provide updates and to review session materials of what to practice or follow up with at home to support the work.

Teenagers can attend on their own or with their family depending on need and preference.

Family sessions are encouraged when the clinical picture supports this intervention especially if the teen is living at home, to ensure support of their progress is available to them, and any safety concerns are addressed.

In 2018, I presented a webinar to 160 professionals across North America, on the effects of parental separation and divorce on children and teens which was sponsored by the International Divorce Financial Analyst Association:

Click to view my  Children of Divorce PowerPoint.