What is your relationship with your money? Our relationship with our money has always been an […]
Relationships can be joyful. Relationships can be loving Relationships connect us Relationships support.   Sometimes… relationships […]
….So have you ever caught yourself saying or thinking …. “I’m lost!” …. If we are completely honest, most of us have said that at some point! So what can we do?
May is Mental Health Month …. But isn’t it hard to even think about our mental health when we are worried about our physical health, our jobs, our families, our parents, our children, our investments?
These are indeed challenging times. We are hard-wired to connect with others, even introverts and we definitely all do better with a sense of control and certainty. Here are a couple of ideas to keep in mind to make the Covid-19 outbreak easier:
People are fixated on success. It’s the bottom line of every area of their lives. Finances, […]
There are gritty aspects to self-care. And there are self-care practices that, at first glance, look a lot more like work than they do acts of care. Nevertheless, they are important to our maintaining a healthy mind. Without further adieu, here are the bits of self-care that go under-addressed.
People experience empathy differently. Some experience it in terms of physical sensations; their mouth dries, their […]
Addiction, in a way, is what happens when self-care goes wrong. We all have treats, luxuries, […]
This week we’re excited to share a guest blog from fitness and nutrition pro Kyle Byron. […]